Canadian Artist

Years Active: 1995 - Present

Born: Surrey, Canada, 1995

Education: Self-taught

Resides: Lives and works in Langley, BC

Canadian-born artist Luke Edward Stripp made his first public appearance on the art scene in 2019 by displaying his work at an art venue in Vancouver. Gaining attention and recognition, he opened his personal Art Gallery in Langley, becoming a destination for locals and tourists before relocating his gallery to an island resort in Belize. He is a committed and prolific painter; in 2019 alone, he created 96 original paintings. Stripp uses two styles: the first is through emotion and the movement of his body, and the second uses a mixture of traditional and digital art. This style is done by creating his work through hand sketching and digital editing before the final painting on board. His work is consistent with color and vibrancy, and he is known for his epoxy resin finishes.

Today, he is preparing for the grand opening of his newest gallery, estimated in early 2023.

Luke Edward Stripp paints in studio