"Approaching his canvas, Luke Eddie Stripp takes an idea and evolves it into something extraordinary. With the combination of subject and color, he creates elegant intensity throughout his paintings while embracing the emotion of harmony amongst conflict. His interpretations are elevated by the potent vibrancy of his Epoxy Resin coatings."

Current Project:

About: Patterns is a current project aimed to create new perspectives on everyday objects and challenge imagery. Heightened by Stripp's touch of vibrancy and dynamic creativity, ushers in a new era in his of artwork.

This is an on-going series.


Pictured: "Bouquet", 30" x 24", 2022

Acrylic and Resin on Hardboard




Luke Eddie Stripp
Original Artworks

Langley, BC

2020 -2022

In 2020 at the age of 25, I opened my first modern art gallery called "Luke Eddie Stripp Original Artworks". Since becoming a successful tourist and local destination for public and private events, my gallery was noticed by a movie production company and was featured in a Hallmark movie in 2022 called "Color my world with Love", a Spell Love Road Production.


Le Hang Art Gallery

2021 - Present

Le hang Art Gallery has been representing me since October of 2021. Presenting 9 original paintings across 3 locations in Vancouver, Toronto & Montreal.

Luke Eddie Stripp Art Gallery



Formerly known as, "Luke Eddie Stripp Original Artworks" brings a new era to the beautiful paradise of Belize. Located beach front on a Private Island Resort called Isabella Caye Belize Resorts & Vacations, my gallery features breath-taking views and white sandy beaches. Enjoy modern art in paradise.


Le Hang Art Magazine


Color my World with Love


A Spell Love Road Production featured film on the Hallmark Movie Channel showcasing multiple paintings in shoots as well as scenes at my first gallery "Luke Eddie Stripp Original Artworks".